This last Sunday we spoke on Mark 7 and the call of Jesus to all the broken hearted, which turns out is every one of us. The big issue at hand is our shared inner drive for connection, and our ever mutual inner frustration with disconnection, relationally, with everyone in different degrees at different times. We all know how agitating it is to have our WiFi go wonky and leave us frayed with disconnectivity. This is just a small picture of the big relational problem we have beginning with God and working out into every other relationship we have in this world. ‘Drama’ therefore, is a word that resonates deeply with us all. Yet we have this insatiable thirst for deep meaningful genuine connections in this world and beyond, which leads us to the bad news. The bad news is we all have a ‘divine disconnect’. We are disconnected from God by sin that we were born with, which turns out is a huge handicap in our crazy pursuit for connections. With this inherited broken ‘receiver’ or modem if you will, we still seek to make connections, yet ironically the more we try the more distant we can become. We may get ‘religious’ and decide to follow the creeds and directives of a religious system, but Jesus says here in Mark 7, even being religious before the true and living God only serves to disconnect us further from God. We may try to do good in a non-religious way and just follow our hearts and try to love without restraint, but Jesus declares that even our best intentions fall short of ‘true love’ leaving us at times distanced from even the ones we love most. In fact, he states that our hearts in a spiritual or relational way are actually terminally ill and corrupted by sin like a kind of cancer tainting everything that comes out of it. So here we are, broken hearted, unable to love and connect properly. Unable to fix the mess and the drama that so often surrounds our lives. Humbled. This is bad news in deed, yet the good news of Jesus is that God has come into our world to love in the ways we cannot, to fulfill the commands of God that we so often fail, and to take upon himself the debt of death we deserve for the sin that disconnects us all. True love, pure and selfless love, God’s love conqoures and covers us all through Jesus. We cannot connect with him, but he has freely chosen in love and CONNECT with us! This is truly good news! Now, when we stop our broken pursuit to embrace and in-turn receive tho loving embrace of Jesus, he brings the connection we cannot find, forgives our moral failures, and heals our ill fragmented hearts. Today, everyday, let’s choose to turn from our pursuits of broken connections and receive in faith his embrace in humble repentance and be made well. From there we find true freedom to connect with God and one another with clarity, grace, and true humble love.