• The District Coffee House (map)
  • 219 North 10th Street
  • Boise, ID, 83702
  • United States

The time has come. We want to meet our listeners for a live taping of A History of Christian Theology. Invite your friends. We were planning on doing a short synopsis of a thinker and then opening up the conversation to our audience. The work we will be engaging will be Tertullian's Against Praxeas. We will be looking at this shorter text because it is the first full account of Trinitarian theology in Christian history. So, if you want to learn more about how the word "Trinity" only emerges at the end of the 2nd century and what that means for theology, come on out! We are working out the exact format, but we really want to engage our audience. Chad Kim will be traveling from St. Louis back to Boise, ID where all the magic started. We are grateful to the District Coffee House for hosting us.